Learn How to Stop Fighting and Restore a Sense of Intimacy

Develop new patterns of communication that will allow you to avoid conflict, work through challenges collaboratively, and rekindle a sense of love, happiness, and intimate connection.

Many couples get stuck in an unhealthy pattern of interaction that leaves them feeling alone, frustrated, and unsupported.

Here are a few warning signs that your relationship with your partner may be in trouble:
  • You may have difficulty resolving arguments in a collaborative way.
  • You may have a loss of a sense of intimacy with your partner.
  • You or your partner may suddenly shut down emotionally or suddenly become very angry.
  • Your attempts to communicate often seems to make things worse.
  • You often feel more like roommates or business partners than a married couple who is in love.
  • Your sex life together is very limited or absent altogether.
  • Old conflicts seem to keep coming up over and over again.
  • You or your partner may have sought emotional comfort through an affair.

Will Relationship Coaching Help?

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